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Retreats and Spiritual Development

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Performance Arts & Entertainment

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Politics & Social Justice

Posted January 25, 2018

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About: Pîkiskwe – Speak – Parle | An Invitation to Conversations in Reconciliation
Featuring: LOST MY TALK & Other Artwork, By Lana Wiskeyjack & LANA GETS HER TALK, A Documentary By Beth Wishart MacKenzie
Dates: January 21-March 31, 2018
Venue: Galerie Cité, La Cité Francophone – Edmonton: 8627 Rue Marie-Anne Gaboury (91st Street)
NOTE: February 01, 2018 Special Screening & Conversation in Reconciliation with refreshments & Art Exhibit follows. Co-hosted by Alberta Aboriginal Arts & La Cité Francophone | Time: 7:00-9:00 pm. | Free Admission.

Volunteer Opportunties

The Candora Society of Edmonton
Posted March 28, 2017

Learn more about us online

Term: Two Years
Commitment: Nine (monthly) meetings per year & AGM.
About: Candora Society is seeking Volunteer Board Members interested in supporting the organization, at the board level & in partnership with community members.
Context: The Candora Society is a community-based organization in N.E. Edmonton that works together with community residents to effect positive change in their lives and the community. The organization has a long history of grass-roots community development that is built upon a participatory learning approach and relationship based practice to help affect positive change in the lives of individuals, families and communities.
Vision Statement: Candora is a positive ongoing presence where individuals, participants and staff have the skills and resources they need to build self-sufficient and prosperous lives in a healthy community.
Key Responsibilities of our Governance Board: Hiring the Executive Director, to operate the Society; Regulating employees’ duties and setting their salaries; Making policies for managing and operating the Society; Approving an annual budget for the Society; Approving contracts for the society; Making policies, rules, and regulations for operating the Society and using its facilities and assets; Ensuring that the Society assets and property are maintained and protected; Ensuring all expenses for operation and managing the Society are paid; Ensuring that any extra monies are invested; Ensuring that the operations of the Society are financed; Ensuring that all accounts and financial records of the Society are maintained; Appointing legal counsel as necessary; Without limiting the general responsibilities of the Board, delegating its powers and duties to the Executive Director of the Society.
To Apply: All those interested or seeking more information can contact The Candora Society's Board Chair, Cynthia Johnson by email to: by May 31, 2017

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Posted March 8, 2017

Register online

Resources: CCI-LEX offers free support and materials for volunteer English teachers and tutors! Are you a community-based English tutor/teacher supporting refugees or other recent newcomers? We would like to support you! Come to one of our free workshops and receive training, lesson plans, and a stack of ready-to-go teaching materials (aimed at Beginner learners).
Dates: Workshops take place on alternating Saturdays
Time: From 9:00 am to 2:30 pm, and include a light breakfast and lunch.
About CCI-LEX: Cultural Connections Institute-The Learning Exchange is a non-profit, charitable organization offering English as a Second Language classes to refugees, permanent and temporary residents, and citizens in Canada. Our mission is to promote personal growth for adults through English language instruction and the exchange of cultural knowledge.

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Board Recruiting
Alberta Committee of Citizens with Disabilities
Posted April 28 2016

Location: Southern Alberta and Edmonton Region
Terms: 2 years
Context: Do you have a disability and would like to make a difference in your community? Are you 18 years of age or older and can commit to a 2-year term? Do you have ready access to email? Are you available for monthly conference calls and face-to-face meetings twice a year? Are you familiar with the activities of non-profit organizations, including projects, programs and resource development? Why not put your name forward as a potential volunteer to serve on the board of directors of the Alberta Committee of Citizens with Disabilities.
About ACCD: We are a consumer-directed organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of Albertans with disabilities.
More Information: Please send enquires to the ACCD offices at: or call 780.488.9088, or toll-free 1.800.387.2514

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Community Services

Posted February 6, 2018

About: Protect your home investment; protect your family & kids and reduce your home insurance premiums. As a representative of SENTRY Smart Homes Security Services, Max Caravantes can assist you in selecting the affordable peace of mind protection plan/service that works for you.
Contact: Call Max at your earliest at 587.594.9438 (or) 780.438.2500 | email: | Note: Please use code LCA-CGM for speedy reference. Thank You-Gracias!

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Professional Air Leakage Assessment
RPM Energy Solutions
Posted February 6, 2018

About: DRAFTY HOUSE? Too cool? Too moist? Too dry? | Seal the leaks now! | Improve comfort and air quality. Control moisture. Save energy. Professional Air Leakage Assessment RPM Energy Solutions
The Problem: Air leakage accounts for 25-40% of building heat loss (Natural Resources Canada). Why spend thousands on new windows when a few hundred dollars for an air leakage assessment and sealing could cut these heat losses in half?
The Air Sealing Solution: Comfort – Reduce drafts due to cold and warm air movement through leaks. Achieve even temperature in the home | Indoor Air Quality – Reduce contaminants such as radon, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, cleaning chemicals, dust and small insects | Moisture – Manage discomfort, frost, mold and structural damage caused by uncontrolled humidity | Energy Savings – Air sealing is the single most cost-effective method of cutting energy bills in older homes.
About RPM Energy Solutions: Air leakage tested many homes in the Edmonton area as a Certified Energy Advisor with Natural Resources Canada’s Energuide for Houses Program. Personalized inspection, scientific measurement of air leakage and recommendations for sealing. Low-cost, thorough service.
Contact RPM: T: 780.430.0608 | e:

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Starfish Family Resources Society
Posted October 15, 2016

Find full details and read RFP online

INVITATION TO APPLICANTS - To develop a support program for parents experiencing separation or divorce.
Objectives: Given the needs of separated or divorced parents, SFR would like to pilot a program to help them cope better with their transition, and thus also help their children. Preferably, their children will also be able to access group support, by participating in Rainbows sessions.
About: This RFP is for a program with a series of sessions which are both informative and supportive. The program will include numerous handouts and references for participants. It will complement the Alberta Government Family Justice Services Parenting after Separation (PAS) program, as well as its Focus on Communication In Separation (FOCIS) program. Qualifications of Applicants: Human services (psychology, social work etc.) Master’s or Bachelor’s degree, with considerable experience, preferably: work with families, grief and loss, and/or program development and delivery.
Deliverables of the RFP: A program targeted for parents who are coping with separation or divorce. The program will be equally suitable for participants with children in a Rainbows support programs, as well as those with children who are not currently in a Rainbows group. This program will equip parents to assist their children through their losses. The program will also empower parents to work through their own transitions to rebuild their lives and family unit. Sessions will be educational, supportive, and interactive. Session duration and frequency should be flexible to respond to the community and participants’ needs. Session modules which will initially delve into the following areas: Redefining family . Effective communication with a co-parent . Co-parenting tools . Sense of self/rebuilding lives . Grief and loss (as a parent, individual or child) . Coping strategies and self-care . Resources (integrated throughout sessions) . Healthy relationships (optional or for a later program phase).
The program will include well thought out supplemental educational handout materials for participants that are SFR specific and will include information on how to access legal, financial, psychological and mediation services. A budget for program deliverable (including equipment and materials for delivery). Development of program outcomes and indicators (assessments, evaluation form, etc.) and evaluation framework. An action plan for incorporating & implementing the program including who will deliver it. The program must be culturally competent, recognize Treaty 6 territory, and provide opportunity for pronoun identity.
Further information: Please contact: if interested. Thank You.

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Bookkeeping Services for Non-Profits
Posted September 6, 2016

About: Are you looking for a total and accurate understanding of your organization’s financial health? If your answer is a resounding “yes” then, I am committed to helping you to build and strengthen your accounting & payroll system by providing a comprehensive bookkeeping service.
Who am I? An ethical, methodical, and knowledgeable professional with experience in payroll, business analysis, budgeting, financial reporting, auditing, quality assurance, strategic planning, performance measurements (KPIs), and project management.
Context: Working for several years in the not-for-profit sector has given me an understanding of how difficult it is to obtain and raise funds, and the obligation of using those funds both wisely and adhering to funders’ program guidelines.
Services Offered:

  • Daily business transactions entries
  • Payroll including T4s, payroll source deduction remittances, and ROE preparation
  • Financial statements
  • Budget preparation and reports as required by board of directors
  • Grants management
  • Donor management
  • Year-end preparation
  • Work with you auditor to assist with annual audit
  • GST preparation and filing
  • Registered charity information return.

Questions? If you interested in my services and for further details, please contact me at:

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Special Event Venues

Coral de Cuba
Multipurpose Restaurant
Posted March 21, 2017

Learn more about us online

Location: #111, 4990-92 Avenue NW Edmonton
About: A unique multipurpose full service restaurant, lounge/special events venue. We’re locally owned & operated, and pride ourselves for being a safe/reputable venue for families, young people & adults alike. We’re talking two distinctive rooms under one roof. One is the lounge & special events room, and the other the actual restaurant. We offer a creative menu, quality service, excellent pricing. ideal for special gatherings such as staff celebrations, seminars, concerts, workshops, corporate and/or non-profits events, board meetings, weddings, etc.
Seating Capacity: Front Restaurant Section seats 80 people comfortably | Back Lounge & Events Section seats 160 comfortably
Ammenities: One common modern full kitchen | ATM On Site | Ladies and Gentlemen washrooms | WIFI Ready | Ample and safe parking
Menu: Features Cuban, Mexican & Latin American delights
For Entertainment: The Lounge & Events Section offers 2 staging areas | A full sound & audio-visual system is available | Salsa and Latin Dance Lessons are offered on weekends.
Additional Info: Based on your particular requirements, quality & affordable entertainment is available on request. Menu can be adjusted accordingly to suit your particular needs and you can count on our commitment to ensure your special event is a success.
For Further Details: Email Leo Campos Aldunez

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