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What others are saying about TCNG:

"It's honestly a breath of fresh air to come across a website based on a commitment to inclusive dialogue and social action for the benefit of all members of many diverse communities in and around the Capital Region. I look forward to our continued collaboration."

David Long, Professor of Sociology, King's University College

"The services offered by Leo Campos Aldunez & the Community Networks Group are unique and effective, and have become a primary part of my small business network over the past 5 years. Leo is very easy to work with, prompt, personable, thorough, and most importantly for my small business, Leo gets results. My investment in Leo's services is always returned multi-fold. I recommend him to others without hesitation."

Dawn Bissett, Owner
Look for the Rainbow Music

"Leo Campos is an intellectually stimulating personality who loves to engage in literary & political conversations as well as in taking action on issues of the day. Leo has used his passion and concern for political and social problems of our time to inform the public on community engagement activities which he promotes through his social e-marketing network. He has run this service very responsibly for a number of years. I have used it on many occasions to publicize my professional/volunteer activities and I have never had cause to be disappointed."

Pearl Bennett, President, Caribbean Women Network
Executive Director, Mill Woods Seniors Activity Centre

"In Leo Campos Aldunez I had found a friend/colleague - a person I could trust & share ideas. In 2008 we collaborated in producing a documentary (MACHOS: Journeys of Self-Discovery with Immigrant Men) exploring immigrant issues specific to men across multi-ethnic communities. I strongly recommend his home-based consulting endeavour in social marketing/media works to anyone interested in being connected to a large community of caring individuals & organizations."

Shabnam Sukhdev
Filmmaker, Producer
New Delhi, India

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FALL 2016 - As we welcome a new season we remain somewhat perplexed observers of the election cycle unfolding in the United States. It would appear the GOP’s presidential candidate has gained credibility among a large segment of the American electorate to make him an actual contender for the highest office in the land. From this side of the border we find it more than just “entertaining” – after all the fellow has been a “reality TV personality” for a few years, but rather worrisome, and we’re hard pressed to find key essential skills and qualities to make him suitable for the honour & privilege of occupying the White House. Yet; here we are – facing the distinctive possibility of such an outcome. Something has gone sideways in the American body-politics, as it would appear [to some] that to become elected to the White House, being informed, reasonably well-educated, mentally stable, honest, transparent, forthcoming and with world-views that thoughtful and reasonably intelligent people can relate to, is no longer a requirement.

AMERICA | No doubts our neighbours to the South face some clear choices; while neither of the two main contender running for the presidency may not be particularly compelling, they do offer a strikingly different electoral platform. On the one hand, you have got the dark and apocalyptic vision of the GOP’s candidate, and the other one, a positive, uplifting and pragmatic path to move the country forward as put forward by the Democrats. Regrettably though, the tone of this electoral cycle in America has been seasoned with lies and deceptions – and a tendency to exaggerate what may or may not be true, in some instances, in a rather hateful atmosphere, reminding us of entities such as Mussolini, Pinochet and other unsavory historical characters. Ultimately, it is in the hands of the people of course. We hope in November 08, 2016, Americans choose wisely.

A CULTURE of SOLIDARITY | Beyond this election cycle and America, we truly believe that our times demand a strong dose of generosity, and a consistent effort to right the many wrongs facing our world these days; whether you are in the so called “Rust-Belt” in the United States, or the inner cities of Edmonton, Toronto, or Vancouver, or the shanty towns of Rio, Calcutta or Harare, too many of our fellow humans are suffering the neglect of an economic system that haven’t put people at the centre of its endeavours, and as it has been well demonstrated, benefit few, creating grotesque inequalities, savage pockets of poverty, misery and wars.

LEADERSHIP | In our opinion, what the moment demands from our leaders is a bold new vision of a more just, fair, democratic and humane society. A society that in the words of Rev. William Barber requires a “moral revolution of values”… A renewed society that has at its very core, an inclusive, diverse and strong “we” – for, if our societies and our planet is to have a future at all, that’s where we must begin; caring for one another, showing respect for one another; valuing one another and tirelessly working to create the essential conditions that foster healthy individuals and communities.; in short, a village, many villages that actually care, not just by saying they do, but, by showing they do. First Lady Michelle Obama also spoke eloquently last week on this very topic; we believe as we do with Rev. Barber, we need to listen carefully to their words, and pay close attention to their journey and deeds.

THE FUTURE | As Americans continue on their march to E-Day, climate change remains one of the most pressing issues of our times. Resilience and adaptation is gradually becoming the “new normal” ... In our province, notwithstanding the economic challenges and perhaps because of it, our Premier Rachel Notley leads with grace & clarity and creativity towards a better future for Albertans – not an easy task at the best of times. We remain convinced that her perseverance and transparent leadership will win the day, for gradually many of her electoral promises are becoming a reality. The next provincial election is in 2019 – we hope by then, the new chapter Premier Notley started on May 2015 with her remarkable electoral victory becomes a refreshing inspiration for a new generation of our fellow citizens, to take her dreams, further.

SERVICE & COMMUNITY | Soon, we’ll be launching collaboratively a new project we call Wayfinders Business Cooperative © … An exciting undertaking in the clouds. Details forthcoming here on our site, and also on our Infomail Newsletter in the weeks ahead. Meanwhile, we remain at your service. YOU and the individuals & communities we serve remain at the center of what we do. We thank you for your support and welcome your feedback; if we can be of assistance don’t hesitate to get in touch. We invite you and your friends/colleagues to subscribe to our Infomail Newsletter – and, if you appreciate this site, “like” and share it via your social networks as you see fit. You can also now follow TCNG on Twitter! Have a safe & enjoyable fall-winter season, wherever you may be.

Leo Campos Aldunez, Creative Director
The Community Networks Group © 2016

PS. WE’RE HERE TO HELP: Social Media . Information Broadcasting . Social Marketing . Events Management . Organizational Development . Meeting Facilitation . Leadership Development . Strategic Counsel & Advocacy . Spanish/English Interpreting & Translations . Proposal Development . Research . Media Training . Editing & Professional Writing . Capacity Building . Social Enterprising . Resource Brokering . Non-Profits . TCNG - Effective; Affordable; Reputable; Local!

Video Resources for those working/volunteering in social development, ecology and the Humanities.

COMMUNITY ECONOMICS: COOPERATIVES | Around the world, cooperatives & worker-owned cooperatives in particular have been flourishing. In the United States for instance a number of such entities provide training and support, as well as meaningful employment at decent wages. October is Cooperative Month; and for a closer look at building economic democracy one worker-coop at a time | GRITtv & TESA © 2015


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